Groveluxurious on Twitter

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Hello crew…

Grooveluxurious is ALSO on Twitter: Please follow the happenings here..

Have a great day!
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Grooveluxurious on Facebook.

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Grooveluxurious now has a page on Facebook, please feel free to visit us here. Thanks, hope to see u there….

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Grooveluxurious – A net label – Update (30 Oct 11)

•October 31, 2011 • 4 Comments

Hello all…

Greetings. It’s been a few months now, but development of the netlabel is slowly underway. Since the initial post, I’ve contracted with a graphic artist (and friend) Inezi-Design-Studio, who’s started the graphic work for the overall branding. Below is the logo she’s designed for the label:

While the business cards and site graphics are being done by her, next is the design of the overall site. I will be the primary artist for the label, with hopes of having one other artist being featured. I’m learning a lot about netlabels and hope this one will be successful, not only for my tracks, but those of others that fit the genres of the label.

Thanks for the read…

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What is Grooveluxurious?

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Welcome to my new blog. As it says in the About section, Grooveluxurious is an upcoming net label that will feature tracks by myself, Mr. Fresh, and other artists to be signed to the label, that are of the downtempo, chillout, electronica genre. If you like tracks by Jazzanova, Afterlife, Blank and Jones, Jens Buchert, Vargo, Incognito, etc…then that’s what you will find on Grooveluxurious Records. Stay tuned for more posts, and info about the debut of the official site: ¬†


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